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All About Tahoe
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Lake Tahoe Facts:

▪ Lake elevation: 6225 feet (above sea level)

▪ 22 miles from north to south

▪ 12 miles wide from east to west

▪ 72 miles of shoreline

▪ Deepest point: 1645 feet

▪ Second deepest lake in the United States

▪ Tenth deepest lake in the world

▪ Water clarity of about 70 feet deep

Tahoe's Nearshore
An article regarding the need to monitor the growth of algae along the shore of Lake Tahoe. Read the article in the Tahoe Bonanza...
Tahoe Clarity
Lake Tahoe's famous clarity declined by about 5 feet in 2013. Read the story in the Tahoe Daily Tribune...
Giant Goldfish
June 2013. Researchers shock the water to rid the lake of goldfish and bass. 
Read about it and watch the video on
Aquatic Invasive Species
In-depth article and additional links from U.C. Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center. Read it...
Tahoe Expo 2014
Geotourism = Destination Stewardship (tourism that does no harm).

Destination stewardship happens when local expertise connects you to the 8 Wonders of Tahoe: sky, water, plant, land, wildlife, community, culture, and heritage, with fun, enlightening and low-carbon activities (GeoTrack).

When you feel connected to something – you care and seek to protect it. The Tahoe Geotourism Expo welcomes and hosts you to native, local, unique regional attractions, activities and adventures, that enrich your connection while reducing your carbon footprint. Each GeoTrack is designed to be fun, enlightening and low-carbon! Sign up for a Geotour track now to experience this difference.